Monday, February 22, 2010

Projects. 10 weeks and counting!

I don't know if I would call this nesting. I think it is more like I have 10 more weeks of knowing what to expect and then life changes for a few months. Here are a few things that are on my radar before Baby Girl makes her debut.
Here is the exercise room. In a perfect world I could fit a futon in here so guests wouldn't need to sleep on the couch. Doesn't look like there is room for one, huh?

Prepare thyself.
Here is Baby Girl's room. This buffet needs to be painted (not to mention, cleaned off!), and then it will be re-purposed as a changing table.
Sigh, here is the rest of her room. I've got my work cut out for me, huh?!
AND! Our backyard! I'm looking forward to this project. This spring we are going to get on the landscaping. I'm hoping to keep the front yard low key and turn the backyard into a veggie growing paradise!
This will be a little place for flowers! Unless I think we need strawberries.. they would have to go here, it's the shadiest spot.
I am putting in raised beds this year. I don't think it will be a permanent thing, but until we install an irrigation system raised beds it will be!
10 weeks should be enough time, right?!


Anonymous said...

Have I mentioned that I LOVE that buffet??? Well I do and I can't wait to see what color you paint it!!! 10 weeks is plenty of time...!

TonyaMomma said...

Girl don't worry, Rylie's room looked WAY worse than that... I was probably like 38 weeks in and didn't even have it done yet. LOL it all worked out!

Sarah said...

I have faith in you! I agree! Can't wait to see what color you paint it!