Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Month of Meals.. Round Two!

Last month's meal planning turned out to be such a hit! One shopping trip and 4.5 hours of cooking (thanks to all the help from my mother-in-law!) equaled 31 days of meal planned bliss. Really, it made my life so much easier! Now, here comes round two! I am changing it up a bit this month because I wanted some healthier options. The casseroles were delicious, but not very easy on my already expanding waist line! I had a few meals left over from last month, so I threw them into the mix, and my mother in law gave us some steaks and chicken breasts she bought. Here is what this month looks like, and where possible I linked the recipe!
2-1 Baked potato soup (Jeremiah's favorite - made with turkey bacon!) served with cheese and sour cream, and this bread (made in a loaf pan, not braided).
2-2 Breakfast for dinner
2-3 Salmon, sweet potatoes and veggies
2-4 Help yourself night
2-5 to 2-7 Weekend getaway with Jeremiah!!
2-7 Sherried tomato soup with grilled cheese
2-8 Steak, veggies and rice
2-9 Breakfast for dinner
2-10 Burritos (left over from last month)
2-11 Help yourself night
2-12 Dinner with the Donaldson's
2-13 Huevos
2-14 Homemade pizza - may be Dani's Thai Pizza!!
2-15 Steak and veggies
2-16 Breakfast for dinner
2-17 Salmon, rice and veggies
2-18 Help yourself night
2-20 Left overs
2-21 Chicken soup
2-22 Steak and veggies
2-23 Breakfast for dinner
2-24 Meatloaf, potatoes, veggies
2-25 Help yourself night
2-26 Lasagna!
2-27 Leftovers
2-28 Headed to Albuquerque for a baby shower!


Ruth said...

Wow, girl. That is some discipline and foresight! I would love to plan this way. I think it's a struggle probably because we seem to have company a few times a week. Proud of you! Surely, this is good on the pocketbook.

Lorena said...

Sounds so good...can I come over for dinner? :)

Crystal said...

Yum! You come up with some great recipes, I am always so amazed! I wish I could do the whole month, and I don't even cook anything in advance either : ( but I think that's just the extent of my ability to plan in advance, I'm just not a planner lol

Susan said...

The time it saves is so, so worth it!
We only have company once or twice a week, Ruth, so I just have larger portioned meals in the freezer in anticipation!

Anonymous said...

Love how you organized yours...I think I need to modify my monthly menu with a few "every Tuesday we have this"...it would simplify things so much!!