Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy 27th, Jeremiah!

27 Things I Love About Jeremiah:
1. How hard he works for his family.
2. That he loves putting Moses to bed each night.
3. He's our handyman. Needs to be done? He'll do it.
4. He is so handsome.
5. His sea grey eyes.
6. His license photo.. and all it represents.
7. He's smart.
8. He's wise.
9. He loves the Lord.
10. He is a man of integrity.
11. He leads our family with such wisdom.
12. So trustworthy!
13. He likes to play cards with me before bed.
14. He looks out for me.
15. He gets up with Moses in the middle of the night.
16. He's a wonderful son.
17. He believes in me.
18. He supported my crazy idea to run a marathon.
19. I love how much he loves the ocean.
20. He guards what his family sees and does.
21. He is a man of prayer.
22. He wakes up early every day to read the Bible.
23. Never, not once, has he raised his voice at me.
24. He is kind and gentle.
25. He is determined to raise a disciplined family.
26. He cries on occasion.
27. His hiney :)

I love you, Miah Face, happy birthday!