Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two blogroll worthy blogs.

Once upon a time I went to college. In another life maybe. Also. I minored in African American Studies. It.was.awesome. Swahili classes! African lit classes! African politic classes with Professor Shunkuri.. gag :) Okay, but during those boring classes where I was forced to learn nearly TWO DECADES OLD information I was also given the chance to study and present a current political situation in Africa. All three times that I was fortunate enough to do this I chose the Sudan crisis. I joined the Save Darfur Coalition, wore "Save Darfur" t-shirts, organized, read, cried, prayed over this horrible thing that's happening right under our noses. Holocaust? We said never again. Rwanda? We said never again. Well, in Sudan it is happening again. It's so horrible and heartbreaking that it often overwhelms me. WELL. Imagine my delight when our friends, Stephen and Ginny Bracht, decided to move on over there (to Sudan, that is) and DO something. Granted, they aren't going on some peace keeping mission (per say), but it's a good thing they're doing and I wanted to let you all know about it. They are in the midst of fundraising and just started up a blog to keep us all updated. If you're interested, go check them out: And maybe even pray about helping to make this dream a reality for them.
Also! My dear friend Stacey Paxson has a good thing going over at She is a SAHM with two little little people and she is so good about making every second with them count. She's all about being responsible with the earth and our bodies, scriptural living, and I think she's pretty funny too! She just put up an interview with the author of "Shoppers Guide to Healthy Living" and is having a little giveaway to go along with it. *Note* I had every intention of letting you all know about this before I knew I'd be getting giveaway credit for it! AND seeing how I already have this wonderful book, you'd better go on over there and try to win!
That's it! Happy Wednesday!