Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hayes Happenings

Yesterday the crib arrived. Baby Girl is getting b-i-g and I'm starting to feel feet and limbs, not just movements. My back's starting to hurt. All of these things are making this much more real: my second child is due next month. Whoa.
First of all, here is my first born. His favorite game is peekaboo and he doesn't mind if his hands are covered in spaghetti! His eyebrows are still orange.
My men preparing to put together Baby Girl's crib!
I had one of those "whoa" moments passing by the nursery this morning. I have TWO cribs set up in my house! Awesome!
Another "whoa" moment. Nothing makes it feel more real for me (well, I guess going into labor..) than a laundry basket full of little people clothes!!
These are Mo's clothes that he has OUTGROWN! What?!
And isn't the bouncer cute?? Thanks Jamie!
Today I have managed to organize and store all of Mo's clothes that no longer fit - thank you nap time! Tonight Jeremiah is starting on the buffet/changing table. Things are really moving along! I just need to buy some sort of storage unit for Baby Girl's wardrobe and pick out some fabric for her shades!


Crystal said...

Aww! Isn't speghetti night the best? haha Too cute! Two cribs that is SO very exciting, I can't believe it's next month already!

Sarah said...

I know that moment you're talking about with seeing another crib in your house :) Three months later and it still gets me sometimes. Looks like the nesting has really kicked in and things are coming together! Can't wait to meet this baby!