Monday, June 14, 2010


So. When Moses was a wee one he was content to just chill out. Sometimes I would feel guilty because he would be content for such long periods of time with no interaction so I would just let him do his own thing. Sarah, on the other hand, if the girl's eyes are open she is fussy. Sometimes wearing her in the Moby helps, but it is not easy to hold Moses while I'm wearing her (or do dishes, clean, shower...) So to you mama's who have been-there-done-that give me some advice! Is this something she will outgrow? (Umm, when? :)) Is it just part of the first six months "as soon as you think you know what's going on it changes" syndrome?
Can't wait to hear what you all think!


Anonymous said...

Ava was pretty fussy as a little one, we thought she had some digestive issues... We found that giving her Gripe Water seemed to help. The brand is, Little Tummys (by Little Remedies) it's an herbal supplement for colic and hiccups... we buy it at Babies R Us- but I think they have it at most stores. I am very interested in what advice others give you- I think I may have another fusser on my hands too :-)

KR by Wudis said...

Hmmm....each baby is definitely different. My first one was (and still is) more like Sarah. Very picky, particular, wants everything "just so." And he'll tell you. I still haven't figured him out. He wanted to be changed for every little bit of pee, held upright for every little burp, and entertained all the time.

Alternatively, do you think she has an upset tummy/ reflux/ gas pains? Being held upright makes it not hurt so much. If so, you might see if something in your/her diet is not jiving with her little system.

Hope she grows out of it soon. :)

Sarah said...

Ditto on the Gripe Water and the Moby. We used those a lot with the boys! Another essential for us (with Judah) is a bouncer. You know the thing that can sit on a counter and bounces when they move their legs once they get older? I found that I could rock Judah with my foot while I played with the boys on the floor/folded laundry/closed my eyes for 15 min :)
Does she take a paci?
Too much caffeine in your diet?
The boys always responded well to swaddling too. If all else failed, wrap em' up and put em' in the swing or in bed. Hang in there, every baby is different and this should pass!