Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More Hayes Happenings

Life around here has been interesting.. and kinda yucky. Last Saturday (the 9th) Moses came down with the stomach flu. This is what he did for the next 7 days:

The blanket was down to cover the area rug. There were blankets everywhere. I found it is much easier to clean up a blanket than the floor! We had a trip to Albuquerque planned for Monday the 11th. My sweet friend Bonnie had taken 3 days off of work and I didn't want that to be for nothing.. and I couldn't pass up a trip home with help so we headed off. Well, Monday Moses and I both got really sick and Jeremiah, who we had left in Farmington, came down with it, too. Bless Bonnie's heart. What a wonderful friend! Not only did she help when I needed it in the middle of the night, but bright and early on Tuesday she drove us home... only to come down with the funk the next day. Oh Bonnie, I'm so sorry.. and you're the best!
As soon as we got home we headed up to Durango (with my mother-in-law in tow - we needed another healthy person to contaminate) because the pediatrician wanted to see Moses. Now that was fun. Two parents with the stomach flu and a sick baby. I do not care to repeat that experience! The pediatrician sent us home with some ideas to help sweet Moshe. Unfortunately, nothing worked and we ended up back at the doc's two days later and were sent to the ER for IV fluids. Which looked something like this:
I am grateful for some numbing cream that made it easier on Moses, but the whole experience was pretty awful. Another thing on the "do not repeat" list. Moses spent the rest of the day like this:

(Please excuse my pregnant body.. and cankles..)
This was totally weird for my little guy. He is not, at all, a cuddle bug. Over the course of the last week, however, all he wanted to do was lay on his mama. Poor little fellow.
I am glad to say that the IV fluids and anti-nausea meds really helped and we are now getting back to normal. Thank you Lord for normal!


Lorena said...

Ugh! No fun. So sorry. We just went through the same thing with Keely and it's for the birds my friend. Glad he's doing better :)