Thursday, March 24, 2011

Simply Nesting: Week 1, The Afters

Here we are! I did it! Thanks for the challenge, Ruth! I am really enjoying my newly organized pantry. I only had two criteria for the the clean up:
1.) I wanted to get rid of as much stuff as possible (a trend in my life right now).
2.) I wasn't going to spend any money on crates, bins, whatever.

Yep, that's it! HERE are the before pictures. And here are the afters:

Hop on over to Gracelaced to see how Ruth did! Also, Ruth, would you please move on to the hall closet for next week? :)


Ruth said...

Good job, girlie! the hall closet the same thing as the linen close...cuz that's what we're gonna be doing. Shhhh.... :)


Susan said...

No... I guess I should have said the coat closet!
Thanks for putting on the challenge!

Ruth said...

Oooh....hmm. I didn't even think of the coat closet. But yes, mine is hideous.