Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The switcharoo. Part 1

Nineteen weeks (probably more like 21 or so!) until #3 makes his or her debut. It's looking like my big brother is going to be staying with us for awhile and so we are in full swing in preparing the rooms for our little ones. Here is the plan. Right now Mo's room has all of his furniture.. the convertible bed, changing table and whatnot. We still want to have a place for guests (as in my brother!) to stay, and since his room is the largest we are turning his room into a nursery/guest bedroom. The current guest bedroom is being switched into a new big boy bedroom for Moses. I hope he loves it! He kinda loves his current room.. but I hope we can make the switch fun for him.
I tried to get pics of the guest bedroom before we took out the bed.. but the camera just wasn't cooperating. Here is the room as of this morning.
And for heaven's sake. What was I thinking when I picked out the fabric for the blackout shade? Eww! Kat is going to fix it for me this summer!
Here is Mo's current room. We gave Kat the bed from the guest bedroom and she gave us her bunk bed. That horrible rocking chair will hopefully be finding a new home... but it may just be put in Mo's room. It is nice to have a place to cuddle sick little people, after all.

Take two!
The thing I'm dreading the most? The closet switch. Oh man. Perhaps it will be a good opportunity to clean and organize! Speaking of which, the pantry is done! I will post pictures on Friday!