Monday, March 21, 2011

Simply Nesting: Week 1

Ruth over at Gracelaced has invited us all to join her as "organizes and simplifies" before the arrival of her newest little one. I have a lot more time than Ruth does to get things ready, but I'm always up for a cleaning challenge! Want to join in the fun? Click HERE to read all about it!

Here are the before pictures of the pantry!
And another!

I will post the after pictures later this week!
Happy organizing!


Ruth said...

Hey Susan: The code under the button is to be cut and then pasted into your html option on your blog. I don't know how blogspot works, but usually you have an option to enter html in every post. Or, if you are putting it in your sidebar, there should be an option for it there as well. So excited you are doing this with me!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're participating...I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's before and after pics! My pantry is the ONE thing in my house that doesn't need cleaning/organizing right now, but I'll probably join in on the next several weeks' projects!


Susan said...

Thanks Ruth!
It's nice to have folks doing the same thing, Abby! See ya in the weeks to come!