Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bath time!!

Our big boy's first REAL bath! His umbilical cord fell off yesterday, so we gave it a go tonight! He looked kinda confused, but all in all, I think he liked it!!


Sarah said...

I can practically smell the J&J! Question though: Do you get cramps in the rear end leaning over the tub like I do? I'm ashamed at how out of shape I am!

Lorena said...

Sue, he is so precious! Hope Motherhood is treating you well,it looks like it is!

Crystal said...

Aww! How sweet! SO good to hear he likes bathtime, not all babies do from what I hear. Xander LOVES the bath too, really helps when he gets fussy and I don't know what to do, give him a bath! We have that same tub, the little hamock part is awesome! Xander just grew out of it, something not to look forward to... slippery baby! lol