Monday, January 5, 2009

Moses is asleep...

...and I haven't fed him since 1:50am. That means it has been over 5 hours since feedings. Whoa. He is two weeks and 3 days old, I hope this trend keeps up!
Last night was my first night "on duty". Jeremiah and Kat go back to work today so their days of all nighters are over. Yep, I hadn't pulled an all nighter yet, last night was the first! Jeremiah was a bit nervous, seeing how I do so awful on little sleep, but it seems the little guy has it all under control!
Today is also my first day taking Moses out of the house by myself. We have an appointment at the hospital at 10:30am. It's a day for firsts I guess!


Crystal said...

How awesome! It took Xander a month to sleep that long!