Friday, January 16, 2009

The story behind the name.

Moses David Hayes
Naming our son "Moses" started out as a joke. Moses was combined with other names, such as Noah and Josiah. We laughed about calling him No' Mo' Jo' or some combination thereof. Up to the day he was born, though, we really had no idea what we would name him. We really wanted to wait and see the little guy. I was having a hard time naming someone I hadn't met yet. So when I woke up on Friday morning, December 19th I just knew that I was going to go into labor that day. While I lay in bed thinking about labor and praying over the day and our soon-to-be-born son I felt led to pray that out son would be "drawn out" of this world. That he would be set apart from birth, that the Holy spirit would be with him just as it was with John the Baptist (Luke 1:15). I kept coming back to the thought of our son being "drawn out" of this world and the sin that so easily entangles.
Fast forward about 20 hours after Moses was born and we were thinking of what to name him. I remembered that time of prayer and I was reminded of what the name Moses means. It literally means to be "drawn out", and Moses, the "giver" of the Torah and great leader of the Israelites, was given that name as he was "drawn out" of the Nile. Jeremiah and I talked it over, prayed about it, and decided that Moses would be his first name.
Moses gets his middle name from our dear friend, David Ohst, in Hawaii. His friendship has meant the world to Jeremiah and I and we knew from the get-go that David would be his middle name. We also loved the meaning, "beloved".
Now that we have spent the last four weeks with this sweet person, getting to know him, I know we made the right choice. What a sweet little man we have.