Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How do you leave the house?

I see women out and about with their babies. I just don't get how. Seriously. I'm not kidding. HOW? Let's say Mo eats at 10:30am. That could take up to 45min-1hr with all of the trouble we're having with breastfeeding. That puts us at 11:30. He is ready for a nap 1hr-1.5hrs after he woke up. That would mean a nap at noon. Sleeping in the car seat is out, he doesn't like that much. I tried to have him in the stroller/car seat yesterday and keep him covered so I could run some errands and that went over like a lead balloon.
Today I went to the luncheon after Bible study, because I didn't feel like I could nurse him at Bible study. When I was talking to the women in my study, most of whom have 4-6 children, they all just kinda laughed. "Oh, yes. The new mom thing. You'll get it." Whaaa?? Not the help I was looking for :)


ann said...

I was the same way when Ellie was born. It felt like forever before I could just pick up and leave the house with her. I remember someone invited me to go to the park and I was like "are you crazy?" It seemed virtually impossible. But you say you're having trouble with breastfeeding and Ellie was not a good breastfeeder either. I think that has a lot to do with it. I couldn't just pop a blanket over me and let her nurse. Hang in there! His sleep/wake cycles will eventually get longer and you'll have more time in between naps. Sorry it's not more practical advice, but I just wanted you to know I can completely relate to that feeling!

Lorena said...

I hear ya Sue. When we were in Italy I felt the same way, especially with the nursing issue. Things do get better with time, you'll be more comfy and so will Mo. Just set small goals for yourself by going out a few times a week, just to make sure you get out of the house.