Monday, February 23, 2009

2 Month Appointment.

Wowzers. That was not fun. I am still spinning from watching Moses cry that hard. I cried too. There has to be a better way to vaccinate our babies. There has to be. Despite some help from baby Tylenol, Moses has had a very rough afternoon. My sweet, happy baby has still been very sweet but very, very unhappy. All he wants to do is be held and he digs his head into my chest and tries to block out the world. Finally, we had to put him in the Moby so we could eat dinner and, well, use our hands. For the first time his crib, usually his favorite place to be, is an unacceptable place to be (what will the night hold???).
Despite the un-fun shots, Moses is doing great. He weighed in at 13 pounds 4 ounces and is now 24 inches long. He is quite popular with the nurses and other doctors. They all have to come by and say hello. This kiddo is so darn cute and smiles at everyone - he wins them over in a heartbeat! Jeremiah and I are so blessed to have such an easy going son. What a doll :)


Sarah said...

Two month shots were the worst for us too! I say a bath, more Tylenol and hopefully he'll crash. Hang in there momma!

Crystal said...

I cried too the first time Xander got all those shots too! I think it was more tramatizing for me than him! lol