Monday, February 2, 2009

Nursing: A comedy of errors??

My lovely lactation consultant (LC), Rebecca, called today to check in with me. When I told her the latest she kinda laughed. She suggested I call my midwife and give her the run down of what's been going on because maybe she would have some insight into such a "complicated case." So I wrote out, week by week, how breastfeeding has gone. Here is a summary. It's kind of funny. In a not funny kind of way.
Week One
Moses is born. Get help from the LC at Mercy. Need more help. Call my mil's friend. Need more help. Call doc. She refers me to LC at San Juan. Meet Rebecca.
Week Two
See Rebecca for the second time. Later that week go to Urgent Care where I am diagnosed with mastitis and put on antibiotics.
Week Three
See Rebecca for the third time. Mo and I go see our doc who says I don't have mastitis, I have thrush and the antibiotics are making it worse, so I stop taking them right away. Start treatment for thrush.
Week Four
See Rebecca for the fourth time.
Week Five
Figure I should just suck it up.
Week Six
Decide strategy from week five is dumb. Call midwives who prescribe some more meds for thrush that really help. Yay!!
Week Seven
Get mastitis for real. Yikes. Ick. Ouch. Back on antibiotics. Oh no! Thrush and mastitis? Back on treatment for thrush.

I can't imagine that many folks read to the end of this blog...but if you are still reading I hope you can laugh a little with me. I hope I can put all this good experience to use some day!!


Sarah said...

I'm not laughing-just shaking my head in disbelief! You truly are my hero though Suz! Most women would have given up by now! Keep truckin' friend :)

Crystal said...

I'm with Sarah, I'm impressed! Most would have thrown in the towel by now! You go girl!