Monday, February 16, 2009

A few things...

...that I love about being Moses' Mama.
  • Sometimes when he is nursing he gets distracted and looks up at me with a gummy grin. Then he gets back to business. He wrinkles up his nose and makes snorting noises until he is eating again. Cracks me up everytime!
  • Watching Miah be Mo's Daddy. The other day Mo was staring into space, playing with his fingers and I asked Miah what he thought Moses was thinking about. Without skipping a beat he said, "Advanced physics." Umm...
  • When I get Moses up from a nap I undo his swaddle and let him stretch and wake up slowly. His little arms barely go above his head when he stretches and he makes such a silly face. I must get this on video. I want to remember it forever.
  • When Moses sneezes he lets out a big "Achoo!!" and then half the time he goes "WHOA!". SO silly!!

He's awake...more to come :)


greilotus said...

Oh I just love "stretchy face!"
We've been lucky to get footage or pictures of Lilli and Shep's stretchy faces! Looove it.

Nicole said...

Hey, this is Nicki! Your blog is amazingly cute! I love the pics of Mo' they are adorable!

So, just wondering, have you decided how long you are going to breast feed? Sounds like you both are creating some great connection!!!

I am glad you are posting some posts on your facebook!

In Freedom, Nicole!