Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The day after...

Well, the night wasn't as bad as I had thought. Jeremiah bathes and feeds him around 8pm for his final feed of the night, and last night he really wasn't interested in eating. He maybe ate an ounce or two. After that he woke up at 12:55am, 3:30am, 6am... I would nurse him and put him back down. At the 3:30am feed Jeremiah came in to put him down so I could go back to bed and he did the same at 6am. Good man :)
Something else on my mind this week is nap time. His naps during the day have been very, very wacky. It all started around week 7 - he would wake up about 45min into his nap. Baby Wise calls it the "45 minute intruder" and says it is either a feeding issue or a sleep issue. I tried feeding and sure enough he would take a full feed, but now he won't nap longer than 45 minutes period. Not quite sure what to do about it. I try pacifying him but that hasn't proved successful. After talking with Stacey yesterday I am going to try "pick-up/put down" (from Baby Whisperer) today. I feel like he really needs 1.2/2hr naps during the day and I want to help him get there. I decided to stay home from Bible study today and keep the rest of the week low-key and close to home to help him get there. Any suggestions from you ladies that have been there would be great!
Here's to a happy Tuesday!


Becky Marshall said...

Hi Susan, I found that being consistent helped Thomas get there. Try to put Mo down at the same time every morning for his first nap. The other naps of the day will be pretty variable for now until he really gets that first nap established, then you can work on the others. I stressed about it a LOT with Thomas, but I think it's a combination of being consistent (and doing the exact same bedtime routine before every nap) and them just being able to develop enough to have consistent longer naps. I wouldn't stress about it, just enjoy it as much as you can. Keep being consistent- I know it doesn't seem like it, but he'll get there, really :)