Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's furniture time!

Well, it's time. It's time for me to do more than bring the guys lunch as they work on our house. Time to do more than fill a cooler for Jeremiah on the weekends. It's time to decorate. Really, it's time for me to pick out the paint. I don't want to pick out paint until I have a fairly good idea what furniture I want. Since I live in small town America that means I can go to Ashley Home Furniture or American Home. Today I went to Ashley's. Here is what I found.
I love, love, love the table in front of this couch. There is storage, trays and cushions. It is so multipurpose! And the couch behind it is a favorite of mine, too. Jeremiah doesn't like that the back of the couch is pillows. Anyone have some input on that?
I am not crazy about the color of this couch. Or the pattern on the pillows. I do like that it would go with the table above. The color makes me nervous, like it's backing me into a corner... I love red... but I just don't know about this..
See?? Look at this pattern? Not a fan.
Fluffy, comfy couches... Here is the chair with the set. Yep, that's Kat.. but she is not included. She will be very happy to be in her own home which will no longer be over run with baby items.
The whole set. These are comfy couches. But they look so casual. Too casual..
Do you all have any opinions on these? Please! Opinions!!


Becky Marshall said...

I'm with Jeremiah on the first couch. I love, love, love that table and the last set of couches (but not necessarily together). I don't think they look too casual- you could easily dress them up with the decorations and accent furniture you choose. And I would go with comfy and sturdy over anything. And somewhat stain-proof. You never know what Mo is going to do when he starts moving around :) Our couch is from American Home, and it's already sagging in the middle. My advice is to make sure whatever you choose is going to hold up! IKEA has some cool stuff that's guaranteed to last...

Sarah said...

LOVE the coffee table!
Love the first two couches, but the red one more. Although very pretty, that creamy beige just screams stains to me! I would toss those weird red circular pattern pillows and replace them with Pier 1 or Cost Plus the next time I was in town :)

We have a couch with larger pillows for the back but it's not really used. It's in our formal living room. The pillows do move around quite a bit when you sit on it but it's not terrible. Not sure about the smaller ones though.

Fun, fun!

ann said...

Decorating! my fave. I don't think Meg really likes that her couch just has pillows you should ask her. Whatever couch you choose, you can easily change the entire look with just a few pillows. And now with children running around, I am of the opinion a FEW is all you need. I am doing away with lots on our couch, because they constantly stay on the floor or are even tossed around from room to room.

alex&stacey said...

Yay! How fun!!! I'd go with the table you like but mix it with a different furniture set so it's not too matchy...I had a sofa with pillows for back cushions and I got tired of it pretty quick b/c they end up being one more thing to arrange. Absolutely with Ann re pillows on the floor...one of Hope's favorite things to do before she can relax on the couch is rid it of all the throw pillows. Not a fan of the funky pattern either...best bit of advice - decide on a style you like. That way you can purchase pieces that fall under that category and put your room together for a cohesive look over time.

Nicole said...

Oh cool Susan! I love the first set of couches and the ottoman is awesome with the cubbies, that way, when you are having guest over and don't have time to clean, throw stuff in the cubbies! No one will ever know!

Love that you are sharing stuff about your house and actually giving pictures! I LOVE that!

I am so excited for you guys!

Sherah said...

I like the first couch option... but agree about the pillows... might get a bit fussy. But I LOVE that coffee table! I found this couch the other day for a friend and thought it might go really quite well with that coffee table! And, its from Rooms To Go... our couch is from there with a stain protecting agent on the fabric and I LOVE it!


Sherah said...

Bummer... just tried to find a Rooms to Go in NM and there isn't one... yikes. Sorry! :)

Susan said...

I love that couch, Sherah! Part of the downside of living in a small town is limited choices, but I'm gonna keep on looking!
Stacey - I have NO idea what my style is.. I just know what I like and don't like and quite often what I do like doesn't match! Ahh!