Friday, November 20, 2009

16 weeks... or 17

I had a check up with my midwife yesterday. I was really looking forward to hearing the heartbeat and having Mary Louise tell me the baby is doing great. I have been concerned this go around because it seem like I am having a harder time taking care of myself (eating right, exercising, and whatnot) this pregnancy. I have also been concerned about my weight gain (10 pounds, even with all the throwing up! How did that happen?! That's how it goes when you keep down pizza but throw up apples :), but Mary Louise says I'm doing just fine and not to worry - which I am happy to do! The heartbeat was great, and Moses was great entertainment. Mary Louise said I am due April 30, according to her estimates, but seeing how Moses was 9 days "late" they may decide to move my due date back into May. That will be decided after my ultrasound on December 15! I really love all three of the midwives for different reasons. Mary Louise has a way of setting me at ease, she has a confidence that comes from delivering so many babies, I really trust her.
I have every intention of getting a picture of my belly up this weekend!
Be blessed!