Monday, November 30, 2009


We had a lovely Thanksgiving! We drove up to Albuquerque on Wednesday and spent Thanksgiving at my godparents home in Corrales - we had a lovely time! We got to soak up some family time on Friday before heading back on Saturday.
I'm wondering, is traveling with kids tough on anyone else? Moses was up every hour each night! At home he sleeps through the night no problem, but when we travel it is a whole other story. We bring the blankets and toys that are in his crib at home and his noise maker, but nothing works! Do you all have any tricks up your sleeve to make the nights easier when you travel? I need some pointers!
Despite the lack of sleep, Moses had a great time hanging out with the family we don't get to see nearly enough of. We miss you all already!
Moses can sniff out grandma's! He loooves Maris! He thinks she came all the way from England just to visit with him...
Checking out the fountain with Jayme.
The whole crew! Moses got cut out of the photo :(
Where's my turkey and mashed potatoes?!
Moses sleeping on Nana. He was not upside down :)
Moses 'mooing' with Auntie B...
Really, Auntie B? You're really going to take me to Disneyland?
We hope you all had a lovely time with family and friends. We are all so blessed!


Sarah said...

Ah, traveling!! So fun! When we go to CO we share a room with the boys-one pack and play on each side of the bed. They wake up constantly and what's worse is they can see us and TOUCH us in bed. It's not much fun. We do all the same things as you, same blankets, noises, etc. Nothing works. It's just not home. Sorry for you :( but at least it didn't affect your visit! Glad you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Becky said...

Sus, his eyelashes kill me! What a beautiful little boy! Sorry about the sleeping- I, too, don't have any tips for you. Thomas still wakes up sometimes at home, so I certainly am not the one to ask!