Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lillian Genesis

Lilli reading the comics at Starbucks...
Lilli, sweet Lilli! My dear friend, Brittany Mirabal, has the sweetest little girl. Lil is Shepherd's big sis, do you remember Shepherd? He was born 9 days before Moses, and is destined to be Mo's BFF, and neighbor actually. We're building our house right across the street from these lovely folks. I would like to take some time today to share some "Lilli-ism's". The adults in her life should probably not mimic the things she says, but after I share some of these silly sayings I think you'll agree it's a lot more fun to be in her world!
Izzawishesss... as in this is delicious!
Aw, izza yowky mess!... Usually in reference to my house :)
Hey, beb, wuzz that?... She calls everyone babe. Hilarious.
Hi Mosis!!... She could be speaking to Jeremiah, myself, or Moses. She recently started calling us all "Susin". Fine by me :)
Awwww Shhhhepi!... This one cracks me up! Shep is probably fussing.
Izza Mosis house??.. When we get to Target.. we spend a lot of time at Target!

More to come!