Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This and that.

How many mom's have thought, "Hmm, play with this, it makes noise." Just to come back and have it all over the floor? Anyone, anyone?
I love watching this kid eat spaghetti!
Cleaning it up.. not so much.
How cute is this??
Mo is all over the place and even pulling himself up to standing. I think he will be walking in no time! He is also working on getting his two top teeth, and taking it like a champ.
As for the house, the last of our appliances go in today! I am so thrilled about this step. The painters were rescheduled for later in the week and I am hoping they will be done by Friday - if they are then we are entirely done with having sub-contractors come in! We passed our electrical inspection and we are just waiting on the gas company. The sooner the better, we are having to get creative so our pipes don't freeze - it has been cold here! We hope to find out next Tuesday when they will get the work done.
Also, we bought all of our living room furniture and it should be moved in this weekend! I have even found a toddler bed for Moses that I hope to pick up this weekend. I want to start transitioning him out of the crib before the baby comes so I don't have to buy another crib.
Jeremiah's brother and his wife are coming in this weekend and we are excited to see them again and for Moses to meet his Uncle Zac and Aunt Angela!
Hope you all are having a fabulous week!


Sarah said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of toddlers, momma! We've been waiting for you ;) I love the mooing; precious! I see so much of you in him too! Such a sweet boy. Glad to hear all is coming along with the house too! I bet you are READY!