Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Managing the chaos.

Man, things have been nuts around here! The main contributor to my craziness has been fatigue, I think. A one year old plus being 24 weeks pregnant makes for one tired mama! As a result I have been trying to find ways to streamline my life. I want to make sure I manage my home well, and get the rest my body so desperately needs. It has been trial and error, but I have found some things that work. If anyone is interested, here is what goes on around here on a daily/weekly basis!
Bills - they get paid right as they come in the door. No waiting around on them or I will simply forget!
Meal planning - This month I am trying something new. I planned my entire month's meals at the beginning of the month, purchased what I needed and made everything ahead that would freeze well. I will have to go to the store occasionally to buy milk and fresh produce, but that's it! I'm hoping this will cut down on cost since everything was bought in bulk. We shall see! Sometime this week I hope to get our meal plan, recipes and shopping list up. I will also try to post how I streamline the whole process, too.
Cleaning - Oh cleaning. Darn cleaning :) I am half joking, but man! Being a SAHM means that I clean things that get dirty in minutes. BUT I will stop the complaining before it really begins. Each morning I try to get up before Moses and make the bed, wipe down the bathrooms and empty the dishwasher. If a load of laundry needs to be thrown in, I do that, too. Things I don't do: wash bottles and sippy cups until the end of the day and I do not pick up toys until Moses goes to bed. No way, Jose! :) Mondays - floors. Tuesdays - bathrooms. Wednesdays - kitchen. Thursday - bedrooms and laundry. Friday - prepare for the guests that come each week. Saturday and Sunday - I just enjoy my family time! *Disclaimer! This list serves me, and not the other way around! If I'm not up for cleaning and need to rest, that is what I do!
I have also been trying to fit exercise in each day. Not much, just 20-30 minutes on the treadmill and some weights. I try to do this while Moses naps and then I take a quick shower and spend the rest of nap time off my feet! It is a perfect time to fit in some Bible reading and a short nap.

Alright, that's it! I'd be interested in how you other SAHM's manage your days!