Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cloth diapers!

We have entered the world of cloth diapers! So far so good! Don't get me wrong.. it's no fun dealing with, well, you know.. but the savings are so, so worth it. We decided on the FuzziBunz One Size and are also using liners to make diaper changes a bit more tolerable. Moses didn't mind the transition at all!
And they are just so much cuter than disposables!
I thought about making the switch not long after Moses was born, but just got motivated (and brave enough!) and I wish we would have done it sooner. We plan on using them on Baby Girl, too!


Crystal said...

Keep us updated on how it goes! I'd like to be brave enough to try that with our next one, and they ARE cute!

Susan said...

So far so good! I think you'd love it! Well, love is a strong word :) But it really is working out well!