Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A month of meals!

Jeremiah had some things to do this evening so I have some free time to blog my heart out.
Here is our month o' meals. Each week follows the same basic pattern: Monday - frozen meal, Tuesday - breakfast for dinner, Wednesday - frozen meal, Thursday - help yourself night, Friday - big casserole to feed 10-12 people, Saturday - leftovers, Sunday - pizza night! I stock my freezer with frozen veggies for side dishes and since casserole eating isn't the healthiest option, I try to make sure we eat a lot of veggies with each meal.
Also, I have all the breakfast foods we eat stocked up (eggs, tortillas, cereals, yogurt...), lunch foods (lunch meat, veggies, bread, cheese) and snacks. We snack on fruit a lot, so I will have to do a produce run to keep us stocked next week.
Here goes nothin'!
January 1 - Beef stroganoff, fresh bread (made fresh, but it would freeze well minus the noodles and sour cream)
2 - Leftovers
4 - Chicken fried steak, potatoes, veggies, left over bread from Friday (this meal was not frozen, made fresh)
5 - Breakfast for dinner (biscuits, gravy, eggs - Trader Joe's has a great multi grain baking mix!)
6 - Huevos
7 - Help yourself night
8 - Enchiladas (on Fridays, someone else brings a side and a dessert, so it's not on my list)
9 - Left overs
10 - Pizza - topped with ground beef and turkey bacon (the toppings are ready to go, in the freezer)
11 - Out of town
12 - Out of town
13 - Burgers and fries
14 - Lasagna and veggies
15 - Meat loaf (2 recipes worth)
16 - Left overs
17 - Miah's spaghetti
18 - Chicken Potato Casserole
19 - Breakfast for dinner
20 - Hot dogs and fries
21 - Help yourself night
22 - Potato soup (will be made fresh)
23 - Left overs
24 - Pizza night - topped with turkey pepperoni and green chile
25 - Goulash and veggies
26 - Huevos
27 - Burritos
28 - Help yourself night
29 - Stouffer's lasagna
30 - Leftovers
31 - Tortellini with cream sauce

After doing that I am fairly certain I won't be putting up recipes or a shopping list. I just don't have that kinda time! :) But if anyone has any questions on anything I made just let me know! I can also email my shopping list.. I have it on the computer divided by aisle at the grocery store :)
When you do the shopping for a month you may be able to fit it all into one cart as you gather it, but once the food is bagged you will need two carts to either be prepared to do that yourself or bring a helper!
I buy chicken thighs in bulk and then put them in the crock pot overnight with water and seasonings. In the morning the chicken is ready to be shredded and I cool the broth, drain the fat and freeze it for soups. Works great! You can also freeze it in smaller portions to use as needed.
On the day I will be doing all of the cooking I start with a clean kitchen and empty dishwasher. I lay out each recipe and put the ingredients for each recipe on top of it. I figure out how much cooked ground beef I will need and I cook it all at once. I chop all onion, garlic, etc. for all of the recipes so that I don't have to do that each time I start a recipe.
As for storing everything, for right now I use those disposable aluminum trays, Tupperware, and freezer bags. I make sure I have lots of freezer paper, heavy duty aluminum, and labels. Each recipe has a label on top that tells me what it is, how long it needs to cook and at what temperature.
Sometimes for a larger recipe (like lasagna, for example) I divide the recipe in half because my little family can't finish and entire recipes worth!
Happy shopping!


jamie_tucker said...

WOW Woman! You never seize to amaze me! I would love to do this, however do not have the living conditions to cook or store it sooo... I do have some other freezing recipes, When I get back to Hobbs I will email them to you!
Shouldn't you be sleeping?

Susan said...

I would love to have them! Thanks lady!

Crystal said...

I saw a piece on this on Good Morning America today and I thought of you, I think I'm gonna try it, they say you save and ton of money and I think it might save me a ton of stress! Thanks for the inspiration!