Monday, April 12, 2010

Diaper shower!

What a weekend around here! Not only did Cris come up for a visit, but Bonnie and Brittany threw me a wonderful diaper shower!
Thank you ladies! I had a blast!
Brittany hand made each cupcake holder! Too cute!
Moses eating a cupcake and guarding his sister's stuff...
Oh my word. I am sucker for anything resembling a tutu. I cannot wait to get this on the little lady!
What is going on here?
Look! Look! 20 cloth diapers ready to go! Man, adjusting these little suckers to fit a newborn was no small feat. Thankfully Kat and Cris did most, okay all, of the work!
Alright, little Sarah, we're just waiting on you! Feel free to come any day now!


Sarah said...

Looks lovely! And you look beautiful!! Excited to see that little girl :) Tick tock!