Friday, April 16, 2010

Hayes School of Hebrew

I just can't get this picture to come out right!
Oh well :)

My husband is a smarty pants. Really. He's one smart cookie. Soo.. last night he decided it would be fun to start teaching me Hebrew. I was game. Anything involving spending more time with my husband sounds good to me. I mean, I really like the guy. He's smart, handsome, funny, a wonderful dad.. and did I mention he's handsome? Because he is. So anyway.. we started with the first ten letters and I will be learning them in blocks of five until I have them all memorized and can write them.. then my teacher will tell me what to do next!
In the midst of all this rote memorization, my sweet hubs has been teaching me a thing or two and it is so interesting I though I'd let you all know about it. Really, whoever came up with this language is pretty spectacular!
So, did you know that every letter has a tone, as in it can be sung? And a numerical value? So get this, the 4th letter I learned, the dalet, has the numerical value of four. And in ancient, pictorial Hebrew the dalet symbolized a door. WELL, Yeshua came on the scene at around year 4000 on the Hebraic calendar AND he is also the door to the Father. Isn't that just amazing?? All that embedded in a language for Pete's sake! I can't wait to keep learning! As he teaches me more I will pass on the insights!