Monday, April 5, 2010

Your Daily Mo

Goodness gracious this child is cute!
Moses is growing, growing. He has almost worked up the courage to walk on his own, but he also loves to come over to me and grab my fingers so he can "walk" wherever his little heart desires. He's also trying so hard to talk! Here are some newbies in his vocabulary:
"Uuu!" = Please pick me up!
"Nnnaaa" = Snack
"Boo!" = Peek a boo
"Owww" = Down

He has also started signing "help" and I love it. Instead of whining at me when he wants something he can use this sign. I still have to figure out what he wants, but less whining is always good, right?! Last week he also started shaking his head "no".. a lot. His personality is just too big for his little body :)


Anonymous said...

So cute!!!!! And so little still...with a very big job ahead of him as the resident big brother!!!