Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hobbies and such.

I am now two days away from my due date. There is something so comforting about that. I'm seeming to chill out a little bit. The little miss will be here soon enough! Until then Jeremiah and I are working hard on the yard. Correction, Jeremiah is working hard and I'm cheering from the sidelines. Turns out digging post holes and lifting 8ft sections of fencing isn't recommended while 9 months pregnant. Good thing my husband is such a stud.
Here is an update on the sprouts. The "salsa garden" is doing wonderfully, but the tomato plants are struggling. I think I should have started them earlier. Hmm... oh, and I probably shouldn't have left the container on top of the fridge.. and I should have remembered to water them. Other than that I have been a good mama to my sprouts...
My husband mixing concrete!!
The finished product!
If my womb is still occupied this Sunday we (umm, Jeremiah) will prepare the soil and hopefully lay some sod! Then we can start putting in the garden. Last year we didn't plant until JUNE and with this crazy four corners weather I think that may be a good plan. I'm content to wait, that's for sure!
How is everyone else's garden going??