Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What a good boy.

So, while I recognize that Moses is only 5 days old, we have really been working on establishing some sort of routine with him. The Baby Whisperer says, "Start as you mean to go on." So that is what we have been doing. Working on full feedings (ouch!), setting up nap time and nighttime routines, and also leaving lots of time to just enjoy our sweet boy. It has been a pretty amazing journey so far. Last night he slept for three hours straight! This morning, he was content with just checking out the world for 45 minutes before he dozed off. Right now, he has been asleep for nearly an hour. All this sleep has made his mama a bit more sane and able to enjoy his waking hours. What is neat to me is seeing the progression in both him and Jeremiah and I as parents. It is rewarding to begin the trial and error of parenting and see what works and what doesn't. We were talking this morning, Miah and I, about the joy of shepherding this young life and how, truly, Moses belongs to God and we are being given the privilege of guiding him. What an awesome responsibility!


Sarah said...

Glad that you guys are settling in! It's an amazing time, isn't it? Merry Christmas Hayes Family! A Savior is Born!