Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Old habits die hard..

I have started watching the Martha Stewart Show again each morning at 8am. Usually while I am getting ready for boot camp, aerobics, or Bible study. Today, Martha was shaking up a cranberry cocktail and the top came off and went all over her an her guest. It was awesome. I am not relishing in her embarrassment, just in the fact that she does silly things like I do :)

On another note, Jeremiah is coming down with a nasty cold. He is loading up on Zycam and Airborne, in addition to the other things you do to get a cold to go away. Please pray that he gets well soon and that I don't get it! If I go into labor with a cold I will have to wear a mask and gloves when the little person comes. Not quite how I pictured it in my mind!!

PS - Martha also cursed and burnt the sticky buns! Yay!


Sarah said...

That does not sound very "Martha-y!" As for the cursing, well it looks like she picked up a thing or two in the big house! We'll be praying that everyone is well for the delivery. Hugs!