Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Forty ONE week check-up

Today was the day for the big tests! First, to the Family Birthing Center for about 20 minutes of fetal monitoring. Apparently, I have a little athlete in there and the nurses at the station outside my room were cracking up at all the punching they could hear on my monitor!! He is very healthy and showing no signs of distress. Then, on to the ultrasound. He looked like a little Michelin man in there, very chubby little cheeks! This ultrasound was much different than the one I had at 20 weeks. There was some serious searching that had to be done to find the parts the tech needed to because he is HUGE! Trying to get a glance at his sweet profile was challenging, but getting the chance to see that little shmushed face my heart melted, nonetheless! There was plenty of amniotic fluid (I don't know how there could be enough room in there for him and all that fluid!) and the placenta is still nice and healthy. All checked out perfectly. The ultrasound machine predicted that he weighs about 9lbs. Yeah, you read that right. But, I have watching enough episodes of Birthing Story and Runway Mom's to know you can't always trust what those things say...still...9lbs...whoa.
We finished the parade of appointments with the midwives. Since all the tests went so well I am free to keep on waiting for him to come when he is ready. I do have to go back up to Durango on Friday for another non-stress test and to meet with the midwives. Heidi did want to schedule an induction for next Tuesday at 7:30am, which I consented to only because I will only have to use it if something comes up in between now and then. I do not want to have an induction because I am uncomfortable. The only reason that I will consent is if something is wrong: not enough amniotic fluid, placental insufficiency, etc. It overwhelms me a bit to even be talking about induction. I have read that first time mothers, on average, have their babies at 41 weeks and 1 day. Another study said that 42 weeks is the norm. All the tests say that everything is okay, so why even talk about induction? They are NOT risk free. Pitocin and cervadil do have risks...anyway, I will save you all from a rant on that subject. Anyway, we finished off the appointment with another sweeping of the membranes, so much fun, and found I am still at 2cm and 60% effaced. That is rather disappointing because carrying this kid around is not pain free and I thought for sure all that "ouch" was doing something!! of the only at home remedies that I have not tried that may induce labor is castor oil. I may try that in the morning. It will be fairly unpleasant, but all this talk about induction makes me nervous so it is worth considering.
Some say that spicy food will help, so tonight we went to Boon's Thai and I had the spiciest red curry I have ever attempted to eat. Holy smokes, it was SPICY, but soooo good!
Thank you all for joining in the anticipation with us. Once Baby Hayes is here, this will all be a memory. We can't wait to meet him face to face :)


Sarah said...

Oh SUZ!! I am feeling for you! Praying that the little man comes soon and saves you all this headache!

Lorena said...

I've been thinking of you Sue and hope that this baby makes his arrival soon. I was scheduled (reluctantly) to be induced on the 29th and Keely made her debut on the 28th. It could happen, try to relax and good luck with the stress test!

Ruth said...

Suzie...I will lift you up! I took the castor oil route with #1, but still ended up being induced because the contractions didn't get going after my water broke. The only way I know consistently gets labor going is too much info for a blog comment! But it really is tried and true in our household. Just remember, the Lord designed and formed your little man...He knows His timing. Love to you.

Becky Marshall said...

Hi Susan! We're praying for you! Just some (possibly unwanted) advice- DON'T do the castor oil thing! Doing natural induction can sometimes have the same effects at pitocin in terms of making the contractions super intense and painful right away. I learned this the hard way. Just wanted to let you know!