Friday, December 5, 2008

Now, that was nice!

This morning I had my prenatal massage with Jeremiah's sweet cousin, Amber. She poked all the meridians that are supposed to help get labor going. It was very nice and relaxing. Well, I almost threw up on her once, but that is just par for the course when Susan is prego! She got me some water and a peppermint and turned the fan on me (perhaps I got too hot??) and it was smooth sailing the rest of the time! Amber showed Juliann, who did my pedicure afterwards, where to massage on my feet as well. So now I am all lotioned up, have pretty feet and am REALLY READY to meet my son! I chose a fun, festive red because having my first born son is a rather exciting occasion, I think. I even have a jeweled flower on two toes :) I'm sure this is just what Baby Hayes has been waiting for!
Come on, Son, we're ready to meet you!!


Sarah said...

So this morning I was cleaning house and the thought came to me that Baby Hayes will come on Thursday. He will weigh a plump 8.7and be 21.5 inches long. Just a guess...We'll see how it goes! Hope you're doing well!

sharon said...

This is Susan's Mom. What a long road this has been and i can't believe we are almost at the end(or is it the beginning?). I think Baby Hayes will like snow snow and is waiting for the first big storm. I promise to be the there as soon as I can but am only good driving in the driveway.