Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby Jesus?

Today we had a luncheon after Community Bible Study. One of the little boys that was there, Ben, has been quite interested in my belly. He is about three years old. Today he was sitting across from me eating lunch and asked if I still had a baby in my belly. "I sure do!" I told him. Then he started thinking and asked, "Do you have baby Jesus in your belly?" I was sorry to disappoint him, but I had to say no! Ha ha!


Lorena said...

I was wondering if you've had that baby yet, I guess with you posting that means no :( Is there a plan to let all of us know when BH does arrive?

Lorena said...

The trip was good. We ended up not going snowboarding, it was too windy. But it was still a nice and relaxing weekend for Brent and I. I missed Keely like crazy though!