Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So very glam.

So today I went in to get Moses at 6am for a feeding and as soon as he sees me he just unloads in his pants. I know better than to intervene at this point so I give him his paci and let him finish his business. About 20 minutes later he lets me know he's done so I go get him and change his diaper, which he soils before I can even close it up. There is something about a clean diaper that just calls to this kid. So I smile at him and close it up, off to the couch to feed him. After I grimace through the first latch he unloads in his diaper again, I just giggle. We get through most of the feeding when Daddy gets up and comes to see us. (We split the night, Jeremiah takes the first half on the couch while I'm in the bed, then we switch.) It is then that I realize my hair is standing on end, I'm wearing yellow shorts, bright green fuzzy socks and a nursing bra. I just kinda smile at Jeremiah. Amazing, he still likes me :) As I smile I put our son over my shoulder and as if on cue he spits up all down my back. Jeremiah comes to my rescue and cleans me up. So now in addition to my cute outfit I smell like spit-up :) What a GREAT way to start the day - and I'm not kidding. This mom stuff is kinda fun.