Thursday, April 23, 2009

Decisions, decisions.

Well, the decision is made. While nursing school is a good thing, something I have wanted to do for years and years, Jeremiah and I both feel that what is best is for me to spend this time with Moses. The decision to become a nurse was not a financial one, it was purely a desire of my heart. While that is good and valuable, what is best is raising my son. I am blessed that I have the choice. I had decided in my heart a couple of days ago that this is what I felt was right, but until I really talked it out with Jeremiah I was putting off making any final decisions. Knowing that I am making a choice and that I am laying down what I want freely has brought such joy in the day to day routine of being a mom. Feedings, diaper changes, playtime, laundry, sleep training, all of it is really very sweet and very important. I am so blessed that I can spend this time with Moses. This time of being a mom, with children in my home, will pass so quickly. I want to savor every moment. What important work we have before us!! Let's count it ALL joy!!


alex&stacey said...

Oh sweet Susan!!! I am so excited to hear it's done...and I so applaud your decision - you will never regret it!!! Love you dear friend!