Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dem Birds!! An update.

I don't know if I have ever blogged this much. Ever. But I had to post this garden update. Remember when I posted about the birds in the garden? Well, THEY ARE EATING OUR SPROUTS!! Today they plucked out a cucumber plant, went after our beans that are sprouting so beautifully and they may have gotten all of our squash. All of them. Dem birds are now referred to as damn birds. Or "stupid butts" when Kat gets really mad. That just cracks me up.

Here are those "stupid butts" hovering above the garden, just waiting to pounce on our sprouts!!:

See the wire thing? It has a CD hanging from it. The reflective light is supposed to keep the birds away. :
And here is Kat, watching over her garden. When a bird would even get a little close she would run out at them. It was better than prime time television. :

We got some ideas from our favorite gardening book and are heading to the garden center as soon as the Mo-man wakes up tomorrow! Wish us luck!


Sarah said...

Hilarious! Get em'!

Clifton said...

Instead of a Kat, why not a cat?