Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Mo-man is 6 months old!

He is turning into a little boy right before my very eyes. I am making sure to squeeze him, cuddle him, spend time all snuggled up and reading to him, because I see the days coming when he is mobile and just, well, bigger.
I think what brought this on was sending Mo's baby clothes to my sweet friend, Stacey, who is expecting a little boy this fall. Going through his things I just remembered how little he was! That led me to look back at the pictures of when he was born. Here are a few I never posted. Mainly because I was embarrassed about what a train wreck I was. I'm over it now, so here they are!

Just born. Cute little cone head.
All I saw was 12.8 and I nearly fainted and asked for another epidural.
Aw, they have always been buddies.

The days just keep getting sweeter. I love this little guy.


Sarah said...

Aww, Happy Half Birthday Moses!

alex&stacey said...

So, I'm Stacey. And I'm the one who's expecting a boy later this year. I nearly fainted. :0)

Becky Marshall said...

Little Mo! I can't believe it! You boys need to stop growing!