Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My own little sprout and a garden update.

6 month check up! I'm still having a hard time believing Moses is 6 months old, the time has just flown by! He is growing well, 17lbs 14oz, and is hitting all of his mile markers. He had a harder time with this round of shots, but the fever and fussing only lasted a day or two. Look at the little guy. Isn't he sweet?!

And the garden! Things are really happening out there!

Look at these squash!

More squash..
Even more!
There is a tomato plant in the middle and decorative gourds growing around it.

Lettuce! I definitely planted these too close together. Some of them have been transplanted to another section of the garden. Live and learn!

Beans, beans, beets, beans, beans, beans ..
Beets and herbs!
There are 3 rows of carrots. I have no idea how so many are growing together. I was really careful when I was laying the seeds! You can really see the weed issure we're fighting in this photo.

This area was cleared for transplants. We put down a bunch of compost, and well.. just look..
See all of those plants growing? I think I must have put cantaloupe seeds into the compost. Some sort of gourd is growing everywhere we put compost! Ugh!
This is a blueberry bush, and a couple of raspberry bushes in the distance. We also transplanted some of the beans up here and on the tier above it we transplanted some more squash.

More tomatoes! I really like having the marigolds growing with them. Pretty.
We're going to have tomatoes galore!
And a word about compost. We recently moved ours to allow for more room for transplants. We simply purchased a trash can, drilled holes in the sides and dug a big hole in the ground for it. We started last October sometime so we would have some good compost this spring. We put lots of leaves in the with things we saved from the kitchen and it has worked great so far! Putting it in the ground during the winter allowed the compost to do its thing during the cold. It is recommended to put blood, bone, or fish meal in the help with the decomposition.. we opted to not do that and still had great results!


Sarah said...

Everything is growing fabulously-Mo included :) What a big boy! He's almost bigger than Ben who's a YEAR older!! Hahahahaha! The best part is you'll get to try out your home grown veggies on a growing little boy in a just weeks! What great use that garden will be!