Friday, April 9, 2010

The hair.

About Mo's hair. Since I've been asked (and even called) about what in the world happened.. here goes!
Wednesday was a DAY. Enough said, right? Well, by the time we got to the hairdresser on Wednesday afternoon Moses had sunscreen and sand embedded in his scalp, mud all over his t-shirt and was a mess in general. AND the kid despises getting his hair cut. Last time I tried to do it myself and it was a disaster so we headed to Master Cuts. Well, I think my sons hysteria was too much for the hairdresser and when we got home I realized what a shoddy job she had done. I thought I could fix it with scissors.. not so much.. so out came the clippers. My mother in law was confident I needed the #2 clippers so I put them on and buzzed right down the middle of Mo's head. Turns out #2 is about a quarter of an inch... not quite what we were going for but at this point we were committed. So.. now his head is buzzed and ready for summer :)


Becky said...

Hahahaha. At least it's a good season for buzz cuts! saving grace is always that hair grows back! :) He looks like such a little boy with short hair!

Sarah said...

Jer and I frequently buzz the boys at home for the same reasons! We always disagree about which guard to use too. Anyway, I showed this to Jer and he called it "hitting Mo with the high and tight!" Anyway, gave us a giggle or two :) I agree, he's set for summer! And it'll be time to cut it again before you know it!