Thursday, November 13, 2008

36 Week Appointment!

Today I had fun at my baby appointment. I ran into Brittany and Lillian Mirabal, which is always a delight. Brittany is due about two weeks before me with a little boy as well. She also referred me to SW Midwives. I am so glad she did!
I met with Mary Louise today, whom I love, she is a lot of fun! She guessed that the little guy is going to weigh about 7.12, then changed her mind to 7.9. I hear she is almost always right, so we will see! We did my Group B Strep test and she also checked me and I am dilated to 1.5cm and 60% effaced. Is that TMI for a blog? Well, I am thrilled that things are moving along and somewhat shocked that I, yes I, am actually going to have a baby! Whoa! My big test for nursing school is next Friday morning, so as long as he stays in until then, which I have politely requested, I will be a happy camper! Things have really got crazy for Miah at work this week so he is hoping the little guy will come right on time, which is just what Mary Louise predicts. Also, we talked about how much Jeremiah and I weighed (8.15 & 7.14) and how my mom's labor progressed (4.5hrs from start to finish). I must say, I hope that I take after my mom in that regard!!
This weekend we head to Durango for our baby class weekend. Then we will be all set for the big day!


Lorena said...

Of course that's not TMI! I'm so glad that things are coming along so well. If your guy is anything like my little one, he'll listen to his Mamma and wait till she says it's time to come :) Good luck on the test.

Sarah said...

Hahaha! I always thought it was weird, the whole dialated/effacing bit. Our Dr. compared dialating to Cheerios being a 1 and a bagel being a 10. Breakfast food has never been the same since! Your terms are MUCH more delicate! Anyway, keep up those aerobics and he'll be on his way out in no time! :) So very excited for you and please, when the time comes, put up a quick blog and let everyone know you're headed to the hospital okay?! Just a few more weeks lady!