Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Hippie in Me

So, as many of you know, I am really hoping for a natural childbirth. I am trying to keep my mind open because I know that I don't know how my labor will be, but if I am honest I am hoping for a drug free experience. I find myself "defending" this position quite often. I can't tell you how many times I have been told that I have nothing to prove and that I should just take the epidural. Perhaps I will, but as I sit here, pain free and typing on my computer, that is the last thing I want to happen.
Anyway, because of this desire, quotes like this one really strike a cord with me:
"Goats have no midwives,
Sheep have no midwives.
When the goat is pregnant, she is safely delivered,
When the sheep is pregnant, she is safely delivered,
You, in this state of pregnancy, will be safely delivered."
– Song of the village midwives and elders among the African Yoruba


Sarah said...

The beauty of your pregnancy and delivery is that it will happen exactly how God ordained it and no other way. Don't let others negativity bring you down Sue. Delivery is such a small part of this huge endeavour! Focus on enjoying the rest of your pregnancy and look forward to meeting that little boy. Such fun times ahead. I'm a little bit jealous :)

Praying for a safe delivery for you, Baby Hayes and ALL of the goats and sheep out there!

Lorena said...

I know it can be frustrating to not receive encouragement for the challenge you have set for yourself. Do not be discouraged by advise that many give during pregnancy, as Sar said focus on enjoying the pregnancy and meeting Baby Hayes. On a positive note, delivery without epidural can be done, I speak from experience (I hope that's encouraging for you) :) We will be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts for a safe delivery for mom and Baby Hayes!