Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Boot camp!

Today I went to Boot Camp, a new workout class at the gym. Yesterday at my spin class I asked Genalese, my favorite instructor whose classes I attend Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, about the new class and she responded that I was starting to make her nervous and that she didn't know how to deliver a baby. Anyway, I was there at 9am this morning and had a lovely time. Felt a little goofy with this huge belly (I'm due four weeks from today!!) but everyone has a good attitude right along with me.
So, while I have had to set running and even walking aside for now, I am still finding ways to stay active, but I did have to take a nap this afternoon. The different activity really wore me out!
Gary has started calling me Jane Fonda, which I absolutely object too. I did feel a little better when he said, "Well, how about a conservative Jane Fonda?"