Monday, November 10, 2008

A dry run.

Yesterday Jeremiah and I installed the carseat. Our little Rav4 doesn't have a whole lot of room, but we got it in there. Once we got the base installed, Jeremiah got the actual carseat to practice taking it in and out of the car. Trust me, Baby Hayes will be grateful we had this practice. It was pretty bumpy! Then Jeremiah got the stroller so we could practice the stroller to car and back motion. This wasn't good enough because there was no baby in the carseat. So, into the house for the bear stuffed with beans. This bear weighs a ton! Once we had that down, Jeremiah was convinced we were ready. We had a lot of fun :)


Lorena said...

Good for you guys getting some practice in. I'm sure it'll be very different for you once that belly isn't there anymore :) Any ideas on a name for Baby Hayes yet?

Sarah said...

Very cute! I especially loved the teddy bear part. If getting this set up doesn't freak you out, how bout' this...the boys were home by this point in your pregnancy. That baby could be born today and come home tomorrow. :) Let the games begin!