Thursday, October 2, 2008

30 Week Check Up.

First, of all, whoa, I am 30 weeks already! Sometimes it feels, because 9 months really is a long time to be pregnant in my opinion, that there really is no baby coming. It's kind of like a big, long drama. Sure, I have all the evidence of a child on the way: throw up (me, not him...yet), baby gear, oh, yeah, and a huge belly that sometimes squirms like something out of Alien. But the reality that a baby is coming doesn't feel like it has really sunk in. But now that his movements are getting bigger, it is getting harder to do the things I love, and December 10th is drawing closer and closer and I find myself sitting with the reality of what is about to happen. It is a wonderful thing.
On a side note, at the gym yesterday while trying to do the things I used to be able to do and fighting the reality of my 7 1/2 month prego body, I was watching some animal show. Get this. There was a show about pregnant elephants. Did you know they are pregnant for 22 months?! AND, that they give birth to, sit down, 300 pound baby elephants? No, stinking, way. Thank God for 8 pounders and 40 weeks!! Yikes!
Anyway, Miah and I went to Aztec today for our check up. I am so grateful for the Aztec clinic so that I don't have to drive to Durango every other week. It was the first baby appointment that Miah has been able to attend since we moved. We really wanted the midwives to get to know both of us...we're partners in this afer all! Today we met with Heidi. I hadn't met her before and she was just lovely. There are three midwives: Heidi, Mary-Louise, and Amy. They all have a ton of experience, different way of doing things, and one of them will for sure be with me while I labor. I feel really confident about our choice to use Southwest midwives. Anyway, everything looked good, we're both healthy as can be! My only real question was about this pain I am having. Turns out it is just some joint that never stretches is stretching because of the little guy's head pushing against it. It is really uncomfortable when I exercise, but Heide said my maternity support belt (very glamorous) should help with that.
I also asked about coming to Albuquerque for Thanksgiving. I had really hoped to make the trip because I have no intention of coming down for several weeks after the baby is born. Knowing myself, I will want very badly to "show off" our sweet bundle, but I will need time, I think about 6 weeks, to rest, recover and just sit and stare and this sweet little human. However, something about me driving four hours away from where I am supposed to deliver 13 days before I am due didn't sit real well with the midwife. But as the time draws closer we shall see!!

By the way, I have only gotten sick once today and am managing to keep down a healthy lunch and my prenatals! Yay!


Anonymous said...

Hey Suz,
I didn't realize we were that close in due date! I'm so excited for you. And do you still have nausea at times?! I can't wait to share pics of our boys over the you have a good church and group of friends for support? Will pray the Lord's rest and joy upon you guys in these remaining weeks...

The Duncan's said...

Oh Sue, you are getting so close. I know EXACTLY how you feel. Remember to take this time for you and Miah. Enjoy this remainder of the time as a couple before you turn into a family of 3!