Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sweet Dreams.

I thought you all would enjoy hearing about the dreams Jeremiah and I have had about pregnancy, childbirth, and the child we will soon have. Some of them are rather funny.
Dream #1
I had a dream that we had two twin boys. After the first boy was born and placed in my arms, he looked right at me and said, "Speak to me!" I had just learned (in reality, not dreamland) that my child had the ability to hear my voice, so I guess that is where that came from!

Dream #2
I was having twins (seeing a theme here?) and the doctor gave me two dolls to take home to practice parenting. However, when I was carrying one of the dolls around it turned into an actual child! I frantically started searching for doll #2 only to find him underneath the kitchen table. He was beautiful with a lot of red hair, neatly combed and pretty blue eyes.

Dream #3
I had twins, again, a boy and a girl. This was a rather boring dream, other than the fact that they were AFRICAN AMERICAN! Don't know how Jeremiah and I pulled that one off.

Dream #4
Last night I dreamt I had a sweet baby girl. The funny thing was, the nurses put her in a silly lion's costume right after she was born. Perhaps because I have been reading through the Chronicle's of Narnia???

Jeremiah Dream #1
He, too, dreamt that we had African American twin boys. He was stuck in traffic and didn't make the delivery on time. Much to his dismay the nurse had named them (where was I????) without consulting the parents. He only remembered the name of one of the boys: Benjamin.
We have been praying that God will show us the right name for our son, so perhaps this was a sign?? I really doubt it :) I have really been thinking about international adoption a lot lately, so perhaps that is why there are so many black babies popping up in my dreams!

As a disclaimer, I have seen two ultrasounds, and despite my crazy dreams I can rest assured (ha ha) that there is only ONE little BOY in there!


Crystal said...

lol Aren't pregnant dreams the best? I miss those! I had several about breast feeding right before he was born, I guess I was really worried about it! haha