Friday, October 3, 2008

Back to Albuquerque!

Jeremiah and I are headed back to Albuquerque this afternoon for a baby shower tomorrow. This one is hosted by sweet Ms. Vicki for all the wonderful ladies at the tearoom. What a blessing that place has been to me. I have learned so much from all the people who work there, not just ladies because there is Daniel too :) I feel so blessed that after all these years they still want to celebrate the birth of Baby Hayes. While looking around their website I found a funny picture of Adrian and I from the photo shoot we did for Sunset magazine a few years ago. That was a shocker! Ha ha!
Josh Covert comes home from Iraq today too, yeah! This is the Josh that Jeremiah wants to name our son after. I think Josh is wonderful, and so darn funny, he would be a great name sake for our little guy. We will see! I will include a picture of Josh's trip to Oahu, so you all can "meet" him. The picture of Jeremiah and I kayaking by Lanikai was taken by Josh on that trip.
Please note in the photo that Jeremiah is posing for the camera and I am trying, furiously, to figure out the paddling and prove that I could do it!
Here's to safe travels!