Thursday, October 16, 2008

32 Week Check-up!

The day started off with my lovely aerobics class. It is getting kind of comical, I think, for my fellow exercisers to watch me try to do some of the things we do. I am just doing my part to keep the classes interesting!
Then I drove on up to Aztec for my 32 week appointment. Today I met with Amy who I am liking more and more. I am healthy and measuring right on target and the little guy is too. His heart rate was in the 130's. He has shifted positions and is now laying vertical, but Amy said that is really normal for 32 weeks and he should shift into the right position as he gets bigger and runs out of room. She also guessed that he wouldn't be bigger than about 8lbs, but said it was too early to tell. I had some questions about the upcoming birth. I feel like I have this big event looming on the horizon and no clue what I'm "in for" so to speak. I mean, if it was a race or some sporting event I would be preparing: training, eating certain things, tapering, etc. This, much to my chagrin, is going to much more intense than a marathon and I want to be DOING something! Amy was really reassuring. She told me that my body knows what to do and to not let my mind psyche me out. She also told me to chill out on the reading (I have read "What to Expect", "Ina' May's Guide to Childbirth", the Bradley books, "Pregnancy and the Newborn"...just to name a few). She said that for each book over two that it adds 6 hours to delivery. Can I unread books and end up with like a 10 minute delivery :) Hmm...Anyway, she also said that after I go to my birthing classes, which we are doing as a weekend event in November, that I will feel much more confident.
I am really grateful that I don't have any fears about the birth, I am actually really looking forward to it. I just wish there was more I felt like I could do to prepare.
On another note, I finished the nursery yesterday. There will be pictures soon!