Monday, October 6, 2008

A date at 3am.

One of Baby Hayes' favorite ways to get some "Mama time" is to get really squirmy at about 3am. That leads to me needing to go to the bathroom, which leads to him squirming more as I try to get comfortable, which leads to me thinking about his coming birth, the nursery, etc. By the time 4 or 4:30 hits my stomach is growling beyond the point of return and I am up for a snack and usually some tea. Even now as I sit here typing and drinking a lovely cup of Refresh tea he is bouncing around. While I will definitely need a nap later, perhaps urging the cycle to continue, I must say I don't mind too much. I just think about the days ahead when I will be up with him in my arms instead of just giggling about how squirmy he is.
It's a funny thing, becoming a mom.


Sarah said...

Ahh yes, the 3 am pregnancy date. It was a favorite of mine as well. :) Although it's interrupting the REM cycle now, you will grow to appreciate that time once Baby Hayes is here. There is just something about the quiet of the wee night and holding that little one in your arms while they eat. It's precious. You're doing a wonderful job keeping a right perspective. Keep trucking Suz! Just a few more weeks!

The Duncan's said...

I don't know what it is about 3am, but just as you say the squirming in the belly does turn into 3am feeding. And having that little one to look at is one of the most joyous moments you'll have. Gotta love 3am!